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Department of Engineering

Changing the world starts here. Let us train and equip you to be an engineer for the global good.

We recognize that God, the creator of the universe, is the greatest engineer of all. We strive to honor Him and His creation through the skills of engineering—a gift that, if stewarded correctly, can bring sustainable water sources to developing countries, eliminate pollution, and provide hope to the child with deformed extremities. Grace’s engineering program is about much more than just preparing you for a job; we engineer world changers.

Our approach is three-pronged: teach you theory, mentor you through hands-on practice and inspire you to use the gifts God gave you to improve the lives of others. This is the way we intersect faith and science, and we do it in the most prime location. As the “Orthopaedic Capital of the World,” we have intimate interaction with a global industry that is focused on mechanical design and cutting-edge manufacturing.

Make an Impact Right Now

Helping the Community

During her summer internship, Natalie Bontrager worked in the Grace College Engineering Department to provide cost- free prosthetics for kids in need. Natalie was assigned to increase the functionality of a prosthetic hand for a local 5-year-old, Zoe. 3D printing modifications improved Zoe’s quality of life, enabling her to do everyday tasks like help her mom cook, or ride her bike comfortably.

Partnering for Good

Know someone with limb difference? We can help! We are working with J.C. Innovations who partners with individuals in Northern Indiana with limb difference to provide expanded capabilities by leveraging 3D printing, engineering expertise, and understanding. If you have a need, want to partner with us, or would like to learn more, please contact Jody Claypool at J.C. Innovations.

Find Out More

Maximizing Impact

Grace Student, Pavle Popovic spent his summer internship working with Design Outreach, a nonprofit organization that develops innovative solutions for partners combating global poverty. Pavle’s role was to help design and test a new part for a water pump to be installed in the developing world. Pavle worked with these goals in mind: maximize impact and ensure sustainability.

Mechanical Engineering:

The essence of Mechanical Engineering is to design, build, and test machines that meet the needs of people everywhere. The coursework in physics, math, materials science, design, and manufacturing along with extensive internships prepare students for the workforce.

For more information,

please email Fred Wentorf or contact him at  574-372-5100, ext. 6240