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How to Find Scholarships for College

Wondering how to find scholarships? Grace College provides tips for those searching how to find college scholarships. Learn from these tips.

We know that every high school senior is asking the same question: How do I earn scholarships for college? It’s an easy question to ask, but finding where to start proves to be much harder. We want to help you! So, we’ve compiled a practical guide to finding scholarships that meet your financial needs–from large scale state funding to institutional funding. Read on to devise your own plan of action!


State Scholarships and Grants

Your state may have a state scholarship program to help you. You can find information and application procedures from the scholarship agency of your home state.


Scholarships from Your Community

Be sure to apply for grants and scholarships in your local community. The vast majority of other scholarships come from local organizations that want to help!

– Local Community Foundations: This is a good place to start! Locate yourcommunity foundation and see what is available for you.

– High School Guidance Offices and Libraries: Your guidance counselor or high school library will often have resources to help you research scholarships that may be the right fit for you. Reach out to them for more information on what scholarships you can apply for.

– U.S. Veterans: If you or your parent is an eligible U.S. veteran, you may have educational benefits available to you.>

– Handicapped students: You also might qualify for assistance from your state agency.

– Community Service Organizations and Local Bank Trust Departments: These often offer some kind of funding opportunities.

And remember – it never hurts to ask! The time you spend investigating will be well worth it!


Scholarships in Our Community

For local Kosciusko county residents, the Kosciusko County Community Foundation has more than 100 scholarship funds available for graduating high school seniors, current college students, and non-traditional students. For more information on how to find scholarships, checking eligibility criteria, and how to apply, go to the Kosciusko County Community Foundation website.

Some Other Helpful Resources

The following websites are great resources that will assist you in how to find college scholarships outside of regional scholarships.

Fastweb: A free matching scholarship service that caters to your strengths, interests, and skills.

College Board: A mission-driven not-for-profit organization that connects students to college success.

Go College: The oldest and most trusted resources to guide students on how to finance and succeed in college In addition to the many general scholarships available to all students regardless of their religious affiliation, this website lists a separate wellspring of funding especially for Christian students to tap into.


Grace College Scholarships

Have you checked out our amazing merit scholarships and financial aid at Grace? Based on your standardized test scores and GPA, you might qualify for some big bucks! Find out how to find scholarships unique to Grace College!

Presidential Scholarship Days– Every year, Grace invites eligible students to come to campus and interview with faculty and staff for the chance to win a full-tuition scholarship or a variety of other scholarships! You must apply to Grace to be considered, so if you haven’t done so yet, apply here.

International Students: If you are not a U.S. citizen or a permanent U.S. resident, you may receive a scholarship for being an international student. Click here for more information. 

For more assistance on your journey, and more information on how to find scholarships, check out our financial aid checklist and see what scholarships you can apply to at Grace College.  

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