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Why Should You Get An Online Master’s Degree In Athletic Administration?

Should You Get An Online Master’s Degree In Athletic Administration? Grace College online prepares you for your future! Learn more today.

Before an athlete ever laces up his shoes or puts on a uniform, they are supported by a team of highly skilled coaches and administrators that build up players and impact teams and programs that lead to life-long wins.

It takes a team to build a team. If you’re interested in transforming athletic programs, the online master’s degree in athletic administration might be for you! If you have been called to athletics, a master’s in athletic administration will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.


Unlock new skills and career opportunities.

The online master’s degree in athletic administration is perfect for those who want to grow in their athletic administration career. Through the program, students are equipped to improve the athletic programs they are involved in. Possible careers with this degree include:


  • Sports Administrator
  • Director of Sports Facilities
  • Sports Information Director
  • And many other sports-related roles


“The program is designed for currently employed athletic directors,” said Dr. Darrell Johnson, director of the online Master of Athletic Administration degree at Grace College.“It allows them to obtain an advanced degree while working in their school. It sets them up for advancements in their profession and pay grade.”

Through various assignments, discussions with peers, and applicable learning material, students will enhance their soft skills and personal attributes, which enable individuals to interact effectively with others. Employers find soft skills invaluable. The master’s degree in athletic administration will improve students’ communication, adaptability, critical thinking, and time management.


Enhance your expertise and credibility.

With a new level of knowledge and increased academic experience in the athletic administration field, you will be able to lead a team like never before! To offer this program, Grace College has partnered with the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association and the Canadian Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association. According to the NIAAA, its mission is to “preserve, enhance, and promote educational-based athletics through the professional development of interscholastic athletic administrators.” The content of their leadership training courses is integrated into the program, increasing the credibility of students who complete the degree and earn the NIAAA certification.


Study at your convenience.

Earning a master’s degree in athletic administration is made convenient and practical with Grace College. Classes are offered throughout the school year and during the summer — you can enroll and begin the program whenever you choose! Because the program is 100% online, students can work at their own pace and experience the flexibility of online learning. No matter how busy you may be, the online masters in athletic administration can fit into your schedule.

“The master’s does a great job of preparing the administrator for real-world applications in athletic administration,” said Chad Briscoe, director of athletics at Grace College. “Dr. Johnson does a great job of using current topics and issues to make sure administrators are prepared for the athletic administration world.”

Class projects are based on practical applications and athletic situations. Courses such as Current Issues and Trends, Risk Management and Ethical Issues, and Team Cohesion and Character Development give students experience that will be relevant to their future careers.


It’s more affordable than you think.

With Grace College, you can earn your master’s degree in athletic administration for an affordable price, without having to stress about extra fees or textbook costs!

“Those who have gone through the program know that the degree they are getting is more than a degree but a network and support system in Grace College for life,” says Briscoe.

If you think this program might be for you, learn more about the online masters in athletic administration here.

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