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VO2 Max Machine Takes Grace College Exercise Science Program to Next Level

V02 Max Machine Grace College for physical therapy

The Grace College Exercise Science Program recently purchased a COSMED VO2 max machine, taking the program to the next level. The exercise science major at Grace has seen steady growth for the past few years and anticipates record enrollment in the fall. Grace Exercise Science Director Christina Walters plans to use the technology to enhance students’ learning and unleash more community service opportunities.

“The exercise science program is all about learning how to best serve clients, and this machine will significantly enhance our ability to serve them well. One of our long-term goals is to train students to do fitness assessments for Lancer athletic teams and for community members,” said Walters.

The machine measures the maximum amount of oxygen that an individual can utilize during maximal exercise which is considered the best indicator of cardiovascular fitness. According to Walters, the COSMED VO2 max machine is top-of-the-line clinical equipment.

“It will allow students to measure and assess fitness with the actual numbers. We know it’s imperative that our students understand how to work with qualitative and quantitative data as exercise science professionals,” said Walters.

Exercise science graduate of 2016, Jo Palladino, commented on the machine after testing it. “I wish this VO2 max machine was here when I was a student at Grace,” said Palladino, who now works at Depuy as a health fitness specialist and personal trainer. “It will really help prepare students for the field and aid them in understanding the gas exchange that takes place during exercise,” she said.

In addition to Palladino, Walters tested the equipment on alumnus Josh Silveus and incoming freshman Megan Metzger. The test-run gave Metzger a taste of what studying exercise science is like. “I cannot wait to learn from Professor Walters and to get hands-on experience with a top-of-the-line machine,” said Metzger.

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