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Grace Story Podcast – Ep. 91: Dr. Walter Strickland

Dr. Walter R. Strickland II is an educator who hails from a line of school teachers.  Dr. Strickland is a published author who regularly teaches in a variety of environments as a lecturer, preacher, consultant, and conference speaker.

His desire is to equip people to live with biblical wisdom, understand the African American theological tradition, and conduct education and business with cultural intelligence.

Walter was born in Chicago and raised in Southern California. He and his wife live in the Raleigh area in North Carolina, they’ve been blessed with two daughters and a son, and a daughter named Hope who is waiting to meet them in glory.

Growing up as an athlete and an admittedly late bloomer, Dr. Walter Strickland discovered he was able to transfer skills from sports to education. Find out what we mean on today’s episode of the Grace Story Podcast.

Dr. Walter Strickland speaking at Grace Chapel

Books by Dr. Strickland

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