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Grace Theological Seminary Offers More Affordable Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry Degrees

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Grace Theological Seminary offers more affordable Master of Divinity (M.Div.) and Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degree programs. The seminary has modified the required credit hours for these degrees to save students time and money. Additionally, more concentrations are available for students to hone in on specific areas of interest with these ministry degrees.

“We are taking some big steps forward as a seminary. We’ve condensed the credit hours and decreased the cost of these degrees while keeping the academic rigor and applied ministry experience,” said Dr. Freddy Cardoza, dean of Grace Theological Seminary. “Finding excellent advanced ministry degrees at an affordable price is rare. But at Grace, we made it possible,” said Cardoza.

The Master of Divinity degree, which previously required 90 credit hours, is now a 75-credit hour program. The degree also has new concentrations available in chaplaincy, Christian ministry, exegetical studies, general studies, intercultural studies, pastoral counseling, pastoral studies and women’s leadership.

“The Master of Divinity has always been considered ‘the pastor’s degree’ and is a staple of any seminary. It is crucial to the health of the church because it equips pastors to confidently exegete Scripture,” said Cardoza. “With the added concentrations, we will develop leaders with sound theology and great competency in hermeneutics in a variety of ministry-related areas,” he said.

Students enrolled in Grace’s undergraduate School of Ministry Studies are able to begin their Master of Divinity degree in their junior year as part of the seminary’s accelerated degree program. This enables them to complete two degrees in five years.

For ministry leaders who already have a M.Div. or at least 72 hours of theological training, the D.Min. is now a 30-hour program that can be completed in three years at Grace.

“The Doctor of Ministry degree can take as long as five years at other institutions, but at Grace, you can complete your coursework and your dissertation all within three years,” said Professor of Pastoral Studies Dr. Rock LaGioia. “I especially love this program because it uniquely equips leaders with opportunities for relationship-building and networking which is invaluable in ministry. Pastors need encouragement and accountability from other pastors who understand what they’re going through,” he added.

The Doctor of Ministry program added the following concentrations: interdisciplinary studies, advanced expository preaching, intercultural studies and pastoral studies.

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