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Grace Theological Seminary Faculty Member Thomas M. Stallter Releases ‘Finding Freedom and Grace in a Broken World’

Longtime Grace Theological Seminary Professor Dr. Thomas M. Stallter recently released his new book, “Finding Freedom and Grace in a Broken World: A Journey in the Purposes and Providence of God” with Wipf & Stock Publishing. The book seeks to help Christians grow in knowing God and trusting His grace, purposes and providence on their journey in the present situation.

“We are entering one of the darkest times in our history as a country,” said Stallter. “Never has the attack on life and morality been greater. In the midst of this crisis, I am finding that many Christians are confused about what to believe, about what God says and how to live for Him. We must each play our part in strengthening each other in our understanding of God’s ways and trust in His providence.”

Thomas M. Stallter is a professor of intercultural studies at Grace Theological Seminary, where he has taught for twenty-five years. He previously spent eighteen years in pastoral training, church planting, relief work and business as a missionary in the Central African Republic and Chad. He is also the author of “The Gap between God and Christianity: The Turbulence of Western Culture” (Wipf & Stock, 2022).

According to Stallter, this new book is intended to help Christians reach a healthy maturity in Christ, deal with anxiety, have a perspective that gives hope in suffering and experience peace in their relationship with God.

“In this book, I want to help Christians understand more about God’s lavish grace, His unbending purposes, His good providence and His unrelenting love for believers,” said Stallter. “I want us to grow our trust in God and experience more freedom in Christ. I want the church to be less divided over non-essentials and less legalistic in doctrine as well as more discerning about what cultural values they welcome into the church.”

The book has 234 short, readable segments that can be read at the start of the day. It can be read from beginning to end over a year, topically out of need or interest, or with a friend. Each topic includes an average of 20 biblical references.

“‘Finding Freedom and Grace in a Broken World’ invites the reader to examine implicit values shaped in the soul by cultural assumptions of Western Christianity,” said Dr. Christy Hill, professor of spiritual formation and women’s ministry at Grace Theological Seminary. “The book stretches us to move beyond a performance-based Christianity to a deeply trust-based relationship with God himself. This multifaceted book with various entries covers well the gamut of the Christian life, written from the heart of a seasoned coach and a caring soul mentor.”

The book’s ISBN is 9798385208579. It is $39 and can be purchased on the Wipf & Stock websiteAmazon and To learn more, visit

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