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Creighton Brothers Establishes Endowed Directorship at the Lilly Center

Creighton Brothers established an endowed fund at the Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams to ensure stable and excellent leadership at the Lilly Center for decades to come.

“Hard work and innovation are the connection between Creighton Brothers and the Lilly Center,” said Drew Flamm, Grace College president. “They both work to make our community a better place to live, play, and grow.”

Creighton Brothers Inc. is a fourth-generation family poultry farm that manages 10,000 acres of farmland in Kosciusko County across the Tippecanoe River watershed. Creighton Brothers produces nearly 2 billion eggs yearly and is in the top 30 egg producers in the United States.

Thanks to the significant relationship between land use activities and the impact on water quality, Creighton Brothers chose to invest in its local lakes and streams by investing in the leadership of the Lilly Center.

“I wish everything downstream could be as well cared for as the lakes and streams here,” said Mindy Truex, Creighton Brothers president. “Our lakes will be around longer than any of us. We hope that through quality leadership at the Lilly Center, generations to come will enjoy all of our lakes.”

Previous partnerships between Creighton Brothers and the Lilly Center include: clean-up projects on the Tippecanoe River, investment in fellowships to prepare college interns for careers as environmental professionals, K-12 and community education programs, and the creation of a student collaboration area in the Dr. Dane A. Miller Science Complex at Grace College.

“I’m grateful to Mindy and the Creighton Brothers board for their continued support of our mission,” said Dr. Nate Bosch, Creighton Brothers endowed director of the Lilly Center. “I am proud to call Kosciusko County home and serve our community in this way. The legacy that Creighton Brothers is creating ensures someone better than me will someday take the helm – but not until I retire!”

To learn more about the Lilly Center and its work to make Kosciusko County’s lakes and streams clean, healthy, safe, and beautiful, visit

Image attached: Creighton Brothers establishes endowed directorship at the Lilly Center. Front L to R:  Barbara Bodle Pedersen, Mindy Truex, Creighton Brothers president, Dr. Nate Bosch, Eddie Creighton, Mavis Barnett. Back L to R: Tom Sowerwine, Mark Biener, Brandon Creighton, Ron Truex, Rusty Creighton.

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