Campus Directory

Academic Assistance

Calla Andrews

Coordinator of Academic Support Services, ext. 6427


Undergraduate and Jump Start



Seminary, Graduate & Adult



Collette Olson

Advancement Assistant, ext. 6122

Alpha Dining

Jill Stutzman

Sodexo Administrative Assistant, ext. 6039

Alumni Engagement

Olivia Kmieciak

Alumni Engagement Coordinator, ext. 6127

Applied Learning

Randy Polston

Director, ext. 6416

Athletic Department

Kelly Sharp

Office Manager, ext. 6266

Behavioral Science Department


Dr. Kevin Roberts

Chair, ext. 6054

Biblical Studies Department

Dr. Tiberius Rata

Associate Dean, ext. 6439

Biology and Health Professions Program

Dr. Rick Roberts

Program Director, ext. 6448


Campus Store

Kendra Lopez

Store Manager, 574-372-5185

Business Department


Tammy Meier

Administrative Assistant, ext. 6094

Business Office

Dina Klotz / Benita Bibler

Business Office Assistant, ext. 6075


Alpha Dining

Jill Stutzman

Sodexo Administrative Assistant, ext. 6039

Career Institute

DeeAnna Muraski

Facilitator, ext. 6089


Evan Lazar

Catering Manager, ext. 6040

Center for Career Connections

Denise Terry

Director, ext. 6101

Chapel Services

Valerie Crumbley

Administrative Assistant, ext. 6489

Communication Program

Dr. Patrick Loebs

Program Director, ext. 6096

Computer Services (OIT)

Rebecca Steele

Helpdesk Coordinator, ext. 6174

Counseling Center

Caryn Howell

Office Manager, ext. 6472

Education Department

Julie Thompson

Administrative Assistant, ext. 6144


Fred Wentorf

Engineering Chair, ext. 6240

English and Journalism Program

Dr. Lauren Rich

Chair; Languages, Literature, and Communication Department, ext. 6151

Environmental Science Program

Dr. Nate Bosch

Director, ext. 6447

Financial Aid Office

Kim Huntsman

Coordinator, ext. 6162

Food Services

Jill Stutzman

Sodexo Administrative Assistant, ext. 6039

Foreign Language Program

Benjamin Navarro

Languages, Lit. and Communication, ext. 6282

GOAL Program (Online)

Dr. Tim Ziebarth

Program Director, ext. 6191

GOAL Program (Residential)

Dr. Steve Grill (Residential)

Dean of Community Education, ext. 6511

Gordon Recreation Center

Scott Moore

Program Director, ext. 6533

Graduate Counseling

Dr. Amy Gilbert

Chair (Online and Residential), ext. 6064

Graduate Counseling

Monica Boyer

Administrative Assistant, ext. 6051

Health and Wellness Center

Caryn Howell

Office Manager, ext. 6472

History and Political Science Department

Dr. Jared Burkholder

Chair, ext. 6006


Residence Halls

Brent Mencarelli

Dean of Chapel and Community Life, ext. 6284

Human Resources

Norman Bakhit

Chief Human Resources Officer, ext. 6074


Kearstin Criswell

Program Director, ext. 6470

Korean Program

Rachel Park

Secretary, ext. 6335

Lancer Pep Band

Eric Criss


Languages, Literature, and Communication Department

Dr. Lauren Rich

Chair, ext. 6151


Tonya Fawcett

Director, ext. 6291

Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams

Amy Bloemendaal

Administrative Assistant, Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams, ext. 6445

M.A. Ministry Studies Program

Dr. Freddy Cardoza

Dean of Grace College Theological Seminary and School of Ministry Studies, ext. 6437

M.B.A. Program

Dr. Roger Bingham

Program Director, ext. 6093

M.S. in Athletic Administration

Dr. Darrell Johnson

Director, ext. 6263

M.S. in Higher Education

Dr. Stephen Grill

Director, ext. 6511

M.S. in Nonprofit Management

Dr. Stephen Grill

Director, ext. 6511

Management of Information Systems Program

Dr. Rick Koontz

Program Director, ext. 6311

Marketing/Publications Department

Crystal Leighty

Office Manager, ext. 6405

Mathematics Program

Dr. Kris Farwell

Associate Professor, ext. 6303

Medical Device Quality Management (MDQM)

Dr. Steve Grill

Program Director, ext. 6511

Military Student Programs

Chelsey Wood

Veteran's Specialist, ext. 6415

Millennial Scholar Academy (MSA)

Jaci Forshtay

Associate Director for Career Development, ext. 6105


Geeta Tupps

Advisor, ext. 6104

Nursing Program

Kathy J. Oliver

Bethel College Coordinator of Nursing Programs (on the Grace Campus), ext. 6269​

Office of Information Technology

Rebecca Steele

Helpdesk Coordinator, ext. 6174

Office of the Provost

Elma Sherman

Executive Assistant, ext. 6134

Physical Plant

Margaret Andrews

Admin/Maintenance Coordinator, ext. 6367

Planned Giving

Kelsi Griffith

Director of Advancement Operations, ext. 6128

Post Office

Dorothy Herring

Supervisor, ext. 6038

Pre-Law Program

Dr. M. M. Norris

Advisor, ext. 6256

President’s Office

Sarah Prater

Executive Assistant to the President, ext. 6394

Public Relations/Press Releases

Amanda Banks

Director of Public Relations, ext. 6125


Heidi Kantenwein

Registrar, ext. 6411


Glenn Goldsmith

Assistant Chief of Campus Safety, 574-269-5344

School of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Mark M. Norris

Dean, ext. 6256

School of Behavioral Science

Dr. Tom Edgington

Dean, ext. 6052

School of Business

Dr. Jeffrey Fawcett

Dean, ext. 6090

School of Education

Dr. Laurie Owen

Dean, ext. 6148

School of Ministry Studies

Dr. Freddy Cardoza

Dean of Grace College Theological Seminary and School of Ministry Studies, ext. 6437

School of Professional and Online Education

Melissa Chappell

Administrative Support Coordinator, ext. 6195

Science and Mathematics Department

Dr. Chad Snyder

Chair, ext. 6443


Dr. Freddy Cardoza

Dean of Grace College Theological Seminary and School of Ministry Studies, ext. 6437


Alpha Dining

James Bloemendaal

General Manager, ext. 6049

Sounding Board


Kearstin Criswell

Editor-in-Chief, ext. 6470

Special Education Program

Cheryl Bremer

Director, ext. 6146

Special Events Reservations

Paul DeRenzo

Director, Director

Sport Management

Dr. Darrell Johnson

Professor, ext. 6263

Sports Information Office

Josh Neuhart

Sports Information Director, ext. 6271

Student Affairs

Sina Locke

Executive Assistant, ext. 6466

Student Disability Services

Connie Burkholder

Coordinator of Disability Services, ext. 6423


Switchboard Console Operator, ext. 0

The National Institute

Youth Ministry

Judy Fisher



Registrar's Office

ext. 6415

Visitor’s Center



Visual, Performing, and Media Arts Department

Kim Reiff

Chair, ext. 6021

Yearbook (Roots Magazine)

Kearstin Criswell

Editor-in-Chief, ext. 6470

Youth Ministry (The National Institute)

Judy Fisher