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Department of Humanities

To be human is to be in relationship to others: the relationships created through language, culture, literature, history, and politics shape every aspect of our lives. In the Department of Humanities, we seek to deepen our understanding of our Creator, ourselves, and others through sustained study of these relationships.

Department of Humanities at Grace College

Approach to Humanities

The Department of Humanities is the heart of Grace College’s intellectual community and comprises four interrelated programs: Communication, English and Journalism, History and Political Science, and Modern Languages. With over 30 majors and minors ranging from French Education and Creative Writing to Archaeology and Digital Communication, our academic programs prepare humanities majors for successful careers and Christ-centered global citizenship. In addition, our department houses the Interdisciplinary Studies major, a flexible option for students with unique interests.

Students in our department benefit from small, interactive classes with dynamic scholars at the top of their fields, mentoring relationships with faculty, and hands-on learning experiences and internships. We sponsor many opportunities including a student-run newspaper and literary magazine, guest authors and speakers, language clubs, field trips, a competitive mediation team, and an on-campus history museum. In addition, our department is home to Grace’s Institute for Global Studies, an innovative living-and-learning community that connects students with opportunities for intercultural communication on campus and around the world. Our department also offers an innovative Graduate Partnership Program with Purdue University, making graduate courses affordable and accessible for Grace students.

Studies in Humanities

Get Involved in Humanities

Global Studies at Grace College

Global Studies

The Institute for Global Studies is your one-stop-shop when it comes to engaging the world. Learn how you can get involved.

Institute for Global Studies
Mediation Team 2019 Grace College

Mediation Team

This is a club and varsity academic team that focuses on learning and practicing the art and skill of mediation. Students study the arts of peacemaking and negotiation and participate in regional
and national mediation conferences and tournaments. For information about the Mediation Team email us.

Email us about the Mediation Team
Sounding board

The Sounding Board

The Sounding Board is a student run publication.

Archaeology Minor - Grace College

Winona History Center

See what the Winona History Center has to offer. Get involved in the history of the area and our early bible conference roots.

Winona History Center