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Study Abroad

Grace offers many different global opportunities spanning from short term trips to study abroad options.

Have you ever wanted to travel to another country, but you don’t want to study abroad? Throughout the year, students on Go Encounter teams have the opportunity to take short-term trips to various countries. These teams are led by cross-culturally experienced faculty and staff.

Go Encounter

As a unique part of the Grace Core, these trips are one way to meet the “cross-cultural field experience” for Global Perspectives, a class designed to develop a biblical lens for seeing the world in order to live meaningfully and biblically in increasingly multi-cultural societies. During this class, students discuss ways to become more effective in cross-cultural interactions. Students then have the opportunity to live out what they have learned, when they embark on a seven to 10-day trip. In the past, students have gone to places like Brazil, Fiji, France, England, Germany, Japan, Romania, South Korea, Canada, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Uganda, Ireland, Czech Republic, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Scotland, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand and many others.

Go Encounter trips are just one way to fulfill the cross-cultural field experience requirement. Trips through study abroad or through a church or other organization may also count.

For questions, email the office of Global Initiatives or call (574) 372-5100, ext. 6133.

Study Abroad & Exchange Programs

Study Abroad opens your eyes to the world beyond campus. We tend to look at things from our own perspective and experience. But as the world grows more connected through technology and travel, it’s essential for us to understand cultures beyond our own. Study abroad is part of a complete education that allows you to experience and understand other cultures, so you are better prepared to work and serve no matter where you are.

Several majors and minors, including international business, intercultural studies and languages, require study abroad to immerse students in the target culture and language. Students in other majors can also explore the possibility of studying abroad to learn more about the world around them.
Programs vary in length, but we encourage students to consider staying at least a semester in order to make the most of their time abroad. All students who participate in an approved study abroad program remain enrolled as Grace students.

Language students sign a language pledge, committing to speak the target language throughout their experience in order to attain near-native fluency by the end of the program. Many students have shared that the impact of living in a culture through the language immersion program will last a lifetime.

But if you don’t know another language—don’t let this stop you from studying abroad! There are also study abroad programs that are taught in English, giving you an opportunity to learn about yourself while learning about the world around you.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Is Study Abroad for you? We hope so! The first step is to discuss the options available to you with the Program Coordinator of Global Initiatives and your Academic Advisor. They can help you determine which programs best match your personal goals and academic requirements. In preparation for your meeting with an advisor, we suggest that you browse through the currently approved programs in Argentina, France (Dijon) or Spain.

In addition, Grace College students have the option of studying at Handong Global University in Pohang, South Korea and Karoli Gaspar University of the Reformed Church in Hungary. Classes are offered in English and students of any major can take advantage of this opportunity. For more information visit the Handong Global University website and the Karoli Gaspar’s Website or request more information in the office of Global Initiatives.

Grace College has partnered with BestSemester to provide a broader selection of study abroad programs. Other study destinations could include Australia, Costa Rica, India, Los Angeles, Middle East, Nashville, Uganda and Washington DC! Explore your learning abroad interest!

Study Abroad Info for Parents

Parents of Study Abroad students find that this experience marks a time of great personal growth for their sons and daughters. It’s common for parents to notice that their students discover career direction, grow in spiritual maturity, and gain independence through Study Abroad. Grace is committed to promoting your student’s safety and well-being during the Study Abroad experience. This is a not something that we take lightly, and we want to partner with you in this important step. Thanks for encouraging your student as he or she considers studying abroad.

The cost to study abroad varies according to your student’s destination and program of study. All students who study abroad will pay a program fee to Grace College for their semester or summer abroad. See Study Abroad Tuition Costs below. Expenses beyond those fees may include airfare, book expenses, passport and visa expenses, meals and airport transportation, so it is best to contact the Global Initiatives Office for more information. Students can also contact the Financial Aid Office for information about their financial aid packages.

Review the relevant travel sites and scholarship opportunities below to help you prepare for your study abroad trip.

Travel Sites

Scholarship Sites


Study Abroad Tuition
Semester (2nd year at Grace) $17,042
Semester (3rd year at Grace) $16,123
Semester (4th+ year at Grace) $15,468
Summer $10,042

These are minimum charges assessed for a study abroad program. Program costs can exceed this and Grace College reserves the right to recover costs paid on the student’s behalf as part of the student’s chosen program. 


To see what Go Encounter trips will be travelling this year and to access the registration form, please visit the Grace Portal here.

Email the office of Global Initiatives or call (574) 372-5100, ext. 6133.