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A Bachelor’s or an Associate Degree Online: Which is Best for Me?

Get an Associate Degree Online or a Bachelor's Degree Online? Grace College Online explores the opportunities available to get a degree.

Have you considered stepping into the world of higher education? A college degree can open up another world of professional opportunities and is an incredible way to jumpstart or continue your career. If you’ve decided to pursue higher education, this question may be circling around in your mind: should I pursue a bachelor’s degree online or an associate degree online? With so many schools offering online degree options, it can be daunting to decide which path to take. So now to the most important question: Which degree is the best fit for you?

Here are three questions to help you decide.


How Much Time Do You Have?

For a typical associate degree online, most students should plan on approximately two years until completion. For some, this two-year option is more attractive because of the overall financial savings. This also means that you will be able to step into the workforce sooner than if you were to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Some students opt to save even more time by completing their associate degree while in high school. This means that high schoolers graduate with not only their high school diploma but also an associate degree!

A bachelor’s degree online usually takes about four years to complete. This timeline allows students to complete their degree while working full-time or taking care of a family and still have time to retain what they are learning and make important connections with classmates.


What Opportunities Are You Looking For?

Pursuing higher education can unlock new opportunities. For Grace College Online associate graduate Lewis Wheeler, the degree helped him move up within his company. Wheeler received a number of promotions throughout his education journey.  “There’s no doubt that getting my degree impacted my career directly,” shares Wheeler. “When my employer saw me invest in my education, he invested in me.”’

For Susanna Metzger, an online bachelor’s graduate, her degree completion was exactly what she needed to move forward in a new career. “What I learned in my bachelor’s degree was so helpful for starting a business and many of the principles will directly transfer to my next role,” she shares.

Different careers have different qualifications. While some jobs require a bachelor’s or even a master’s, others accept applicants with an associate degree and previous experience. It is important to research your desired career to see what the specific requirements are.


What Course Schedule Fits Your Lifestyle?

With online education, there is typically some flexibility in the course schedule, which is a huge benefit to those who work full time, are raising a family, or traveling often. A typical schedule for an associate degree online at Grace College requires 20 courses. Each online course is eight weeks long, and students take two classes each eight-week session. This totals to 60 credit hours for an associate degree online.

If you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree online, it can take anywhere from 16 months to four years depending on the concentration. Students in the online education program have the added benefit of moving at their own pace. For some, working at a quicker pace is perfect. Others may choose to spread the credit hours out to make room for their other responsibilities in life.


Now Some Good News…

Regardless of whether you choose a bachelor’s degree online or an associate degree online, Grace College promises spiritually sound, high-quality accredited education from professors who care about you. With our smaller class sizes, you can be sure that you will have adequate support from faculty and peers.

Learn more about Grace College Online today!

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