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Meet The Health & Counseling Center Staff

Grace College's Health and Counseling Center has compassionate and caring counselors eager to help you make the adjustment to college life!

Student Health & Counseling Center

Learn more about Grace College's Student Health and Counseling Center!

Unclassified Students

Learn more about what it means to be an unclassified student!

Jill Brue, Ph.D., LPC

Jill Brue: Assistant Professor of Graduate Counseling. Chair, Graduate Counseling Department. Learn more about Professor Brue!

Accreditations, Affiliations, & Authorizations

Grace is fully accredited and authorized, as well as a member of several prestigious organizations. Learn more about Grace College!

Thomas Edgington, M.A., M.Div., Ph.D.

Thomas Edgington: Dean, School of Behavioral Science; Professor of Behavioral Science. Learn more about Professor Edgington!