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Why Major in Mathematics?

Why Major in Mathematics? At Grace College we help you find your calling & train you for a career with a Mathematics Degree. Learn more.

A Faculty Blog by Dr. Ryan Johnson

There are many compelling reasons why a Christian high school student gifted in math should consider majoring in mathematics in college, but three stand out to me: you will develop a versatile set of skills, you will open yourself up to numerous career opportunities, and you will be equipped to find your calling. 


Versatility of Skills

A major in mathematics can help you develop strong analytical and quantitative skills that are highly transferable.  For instance, neural networks like those used in ChatGPT are a hot topic right now, but the most basic neural networks are built on math that you would learn about as a math major, like Linear Algebra and Discrete Math. If you understand the foundational math of new technology, then you are better equipped to adapt to new technology.


Career Opportunities

Many high school students mistakenly believe that a mathematics degree is only for future teachers.  Teaching math is an honorable profession, and many Christians gifted in math feel called to serve by teaching. However, mathematics degrees are in high demand in a wide range of industries. Potential career paths include data analysis, actuarial science, finance, and cryptography. Not to mention, to double major in mathematics along with degrees in Computer Science, Chemistry, Biology, Sociology, or Psychology can offer many opportunities.  Lastly, many high school students don’t realize that graduate school in mathematics is commonly free if you’re accepted into a teaching or research assistantship.

Why Major in Mathematics? At Grace College we help you find your calling & train you for a career with a Mathematics Degree. Learn more.

Finding Your Calling

Many young Christians are hungry for a career that gives them a sense of purpose. A major in mathematics — especially as a double major with another of your passions — can prepare you for solving interesting and challenging problems. But remembering that we are made in the image of God means that solving problems is not only satisfying but part of our call to rule and reign as stewards of God’s creation. A good recipe for developing God’s calling in your life is to find the places where your joy meets the world’s deep needs.

Ultimately, choosing a major depends on your goals, interests, and values. If you’re gifted in math, then a mathematics degree can give you versatile skills that prepare you for multiple careers and can lead to a fulfilling career following God’s calling for your life.

Learn more about Grace’s major in mathematics. And read about how our math students and alumni are making a difference. 

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