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Preparing for a Job in Quarantine

Preparing for a Job in Quarantine

5 ways to maximize your time and prepare for your future

“How do I prepare for my career while I’m at home?” You may ask.

Here are five simple ways to get started.


Stay Connected

Although you are not physically able to connect with people during this time, it’s important that you maintain and develop professional relationships. Here are some practical ways to do so.

  • Contact your professors and ask if you can help them with their research.
  • Volunteer (virtually) in the community. This could look like managing a local organization’s website or social media accounts.
  • Check out alumni social media pages. The Grace College Alumni LinkedIn group is a great place to start. Once you find some alumni of interest, conduct informational interviews with them to start building relationships.
  • Reach out to past employers/professors and seek out professional references.
  • Read this article for 5 Tips for Virtual Networking and implement them!


Find A Virtual Internship

Did you know virtual internships were an option right now? They are — and a good one, too! Virtual internships provide students with a safe, work-based learning experience that is grounded in an authentic task or project. They can help you develop your skills, foster new professional contacts, and provide you with experience with online project management systems and CRM platforms.

And as a bonus: you can work for companies in cities you otherwise couldn’t. There are no travel or housing costs required!

So where do I find a virtual internship, you ask?

There are many sites where students can find virtual internship opportunities:


Start Your Job Search

One of the best ways to do this during this time is by attending virtual job fairs and networking events. Here are some of the best places to get started!


Learn New Skills

There are countless skills that you can take time to work on that look great on a resume. As you choose how to spend your free time, think about pursuing job transferable skills. Here are a few examples.

  • Pick up a new skill set on LinkedIn Learning
  • Learn a second language by downloading the app Duolingo or purchasing Rosetta Stone.
  • Create a website on Wix or WordPress where you can keep your resume or online portfolio.


Update Your Resume, LinkedIn & Handshake Profiles

These are three things that you can always be doing in your career preparation. Regularly carve out time to update your resume, your LinkedIn profile, or your Handshake profile. Keeping these resources fresh and relevant is a simple, yet productive step in the job-search process.

We also suggest that you start an organized list of target organizations linking to their careers page. Create a schedule where you also check in on Handshake weekly to see if new positions have been added. Did you know you can even mark “Favorite” employers on Handshake to receive notifications of most recent job postings?

These COVID-19 career recommendations and resources have been put together by Grace College’s Center for Career Connections. Grace college is committed to thoughtful scholarship and career preparation.

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