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Microwave Meals for College Students

Microwave meals for college students and not just Ramen. Grace College offers microwave recipes. Learn about college microwave meals.

It’s late in the evening and the campus dining options have long since closed. The little bit of cash in your wallet says you need to choose between getting fast food or having enough gas to get there. First world problems, right?

This could be a good time to start that fast your pastor has been preaching about. Or you could become a tad more informed about microwave technology.

Yes, the microwave. And you only thought about it as the tool for re-heating food. The food already cooked with the bigger kitchen appliances. Or for making popcorn. But our quick-heating friend is capable of cooking more than single serve Mac-n-Cheese or Ramen noodles. Not that those aren’t fantastic food choices.

Students cooking in omega kitchen

Benefits to Microwave Cooking

Did you realize there are benefits to cooking with a microwave? We’re talking about more than just saving time. It’s possible to eat healthy when cooking with a microwave. Does that sound counter-intuitive? Maybe, but all cooking destroys some vitamins, no matter how you cook the food.

Steam cooking is one of the healthiest ways to cook. And you can cook with steam using your microwave. Simply add a glass or bowl with a bit of water in it and, voila, you are cooking with steam. 1

Make no mistake. We’re not implying you’ll become the next Gordon Ramsay by cooking with a microwave. But with some planning ahead and a few supplies on hand, you could stave off hunger. You may even become the popular student in your dorm.

Students cooking in Omega kitchen

Our Experience

Ok, but what if you’ve never shown any interest in cooking at all? Maybe your parents did all the cooking and never imagined a time when you wouldn’t be living with them. We promise to keep the ideas simple. After all, we’re just trying to keep our strength up so we can study late, right?

But we’ll make sure to add some tips to make it look appealing as well. Because, obviously, you will need to share your masterpiece on Instagram and make all your friends jealous.

Students cooking in omega kitchen

We selected a balance of healthy and fun options for college students to choose from. You can watch the fun we had because we recorded the entire process. We thought through details like shopping budget and storage space, both scarce commodities for college students. So it’s time to squeeze a quick trip to Owen’s in your schedule. Oh, and make sure you own two coffee mugs. Some of these recipes will require a mug, but you’ll still want to have a cup handy to wash this food down with your favorite drink.

You can find all the recipes we made in our video by clicking here or here. Come and visit us and you can stay the night in one of our dorms. Maybe you can even bring some supplies for a late night snack.



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