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Jesus Focused College

Challenging students to take ownership of their faith.

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Here are some reasons why Grace College is a great place to pursue your college education.

  • Strengthen your faith with a Jesus-focused education
  • Sharpen your skills with more than 100 academic programs
  • Accelerate your career with a 3-year degree
  • Get Your Bachelors and Masters in 4 years
  • Check out online degrees at Grace College Online

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Brant Hansen is a nationally syndicated radio host and a bestselling author of books like “Unoffendable”, “Blessed are the Misfits”, and his newest, “The Men We Need”.

He’s also been to Grace’s campus multiple times, and loves it.

“I’ve gotten to speak at chapel, and in classes, and spent time around the students. There’s a lot about Grace that I love,” he says. “I think a lot of people are looking for this kind of place now for a college experience that’s both excellent and Jesus-focused.”