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Grace College Adds New Business Degree Concentrations

Grace College Adds New Business Degree Concentrations -Dean Dr. Jeff Fawcett with a student

The Grace College School of Business added a number of business degree concentrations to its course offerings this year. The school is adding a marketing concentration in professional selling and business management concentrations in human resourcesproject management and supply chain management in collaboration with the Low-Cost Model Consortium (LCMC).

“The beauty of these partnership degrees is that they expand credentialing opportunities for our students from well-known institutions,” said Dr. Jeff Fawcett, dean of the School of Business at Grace. “Students who enroll in these programs will take our common professional components courses and select concentrations and certificates that align with areas that most interest them. This allows students to dive deeper into particular areas while still having the flexibility to pursue other avenues of business if they desire.”
LCMC is a coalition of private colleges and universities committed to making higher education more accessible for all students and sustainable for the long term. Member institutions of LCMC cooperate to establish new, enrollment-driving majors and minors that are far more affordable for its members and their students.
“We’re really excited to see how these programs not only enhance our students’ studies but also launch them into purposeful and successful careers,” said Melissa Chappell, assistant professor of management at Grace. “These fields have great potential for growth in the coming years – not only at a national level but also here in our own community, the Orthopaedic Capital of the World. These companies need a strong sales force, fair HR managers, proactive project managers and competent logistics professionals.”
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the logistics field is expected to see 30% growth in the next decade alone.
The Grace College School of Business offers more than 15 unique majors and ten minors for individuals seeking to make an impact in the corporate world.  To learn more about the School of Business at Grace College, visit
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