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Archive: Blogs

Madison Gipson

Preparing for Life vs Preparing for a Job

Friday, July 20

Change of mind. Change of heart. Course correction. No matter what you call it, there are moments in your life when a shift is needed. Most people are comfortable with this idea of change. At least when it comes to what you have for lunch. But mention a larger change [...]
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People working in Haiti

Hearing the Whisper, Following the Call

Monday, July 16

Who do you become when you can no longer be the person you've been? It's a question of identity and calling and passion. So what do you do if you're unsure about any of those? To watch Lindsay Anderson now, you might think she's always known what she was going [...]
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Ashley Durand blog post about marriage

Guest Blog: Why My First Year of Marriage Was Both Easy and Hard

Monday, July 2

By: Ashley Durand Everyone said marriage would be hard. But our first year of marriage wasn’t hard in predictable ways. Sure, there were little adjustments here and there, tiny conflicts like agreeing on how much to budget for groceries or what time to go to bed. But we had a lot of [...]
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Alissa Jagger and Karsen Rider as Sophomore class representatives

Lancers Live Loud: Alissa Jagger

Friday, June 22

"Forgiveness was hard because I felt like this lady owed me something." That single statement is only part of the struggle that Alissa Jagger has felt since July 17, 2015. That was the day her family was in an auto accident while traveling in West Virginia. That was the day [...]
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Infographic header

Best Tips on Taking Great Social Media Pictures

Friday, June 15

Everything you see online is a picture. As much as writers may protest, it is believed that one picture is worth a thousand words. So we better make sure the pictures we take are great pictures. Otherwise, those thousand words won't be appreciated. So what is your purpose online? Are [...]
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Dr. Chad Snyder helping students in chemistry lab

Overcoming Challenges, Creating New Molecules

Thursday, June 7

There is something innate in the human story in which challenge leads to discovery. Sometimes, that challenge is based on need. Other times, it is simply the push to achieve more. No matter the reason, we as a people enjoy the thought of succeeding when others assume success is [...]
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Old barn at Barnwood Masters

Grace College Can Shape Your Future

Tuesday, May 29

Have you ever wondered about the uniqueness each individual brings to a group? How do the individual traits help a group gel? If the group is too diverse, does that work against each individual's future goals? What about their stories? While it's true that we have a lot in common, [...]
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Dr. Fawcett talking with student

Engaging Beyond Learning Styles

Friday, May 18

If you had a choice between learning in a sterile environment and one that is engaging, your answer is predictable. Why would a person choose to be bored? Even fewer would choose to pay money for something that does not engage our minds. But how can any school expect to [...]
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Placement promise icon

Internships: the Bridge from College Classroom to Workplace Success

Friday, May 4

Have you been told internships are merely an opportunity to work really hard for little or no pay? Don't believe it. Would you enjoy an experience of learning new and always changing responsibilities? We believe an internship will offer all this and so much more. There are transitions in life [...]
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Women's Basketball coach instructing a player

Transitioning From High School to College Made Simple

Thursday, April 19

What are you going to do with your life? How many times have you heard that during your high school career? The transition from high school to career involves some big steps. Figuring out your identity is definitely a big item on the list. After all, knowing [...]
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