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How to Make Decisions when Decisions are Hard

Wednesday, December 12

It's referred to as paralysis by analysis. This is a common ailment for people when they find they have many options. And it's not a bad thing. Just ask someone who feels as if they have no options and they will tell you freedom is better. But how do we [...]
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Student on the dock at the lake

Why is College Important?

Wednesday, December 5

There are some freshmen who step on to campus for the first time and they already know what they will do when they graduate. They have a five, ten, and twenty-year plan already formulated. Actually, they may have already put a down payment on a retirement home in sunny [...]
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students in coffee shop

Why Attend a Christian College?

Tuesday, November 27

We wanted to title this article Why Attending a Christian College is the Best Decision You Will Ever Make, but it seemed a tad long. We also considered Why Attending a Christian College Is the Best Way to Grow as a Christian. Again, a bit long, plus we did [...]
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Student studying at the library

5 Things Driven Students Want You To Know

Monday, November 26

Everyone has that friend who knows what success tastes like. That's because they have made sure to pour themselves a giant bowl of it each morning. They are the ones who heard most children start kindergarten at age five or six, so they began when they were four. Did [...]
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Man reading the bible

Where Will the Next Generation of Pastors Come From?

Thursday, November 1

There is a general rule, quoted among church staff, that twenty percent of the people do eighty percent of the work. Ask ministry leaders the hardest part of their job and many of them will reply with one word; recruitment. If they're feeling extra spiritual that day, they might even [...]
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Microwave meals post header

Microwave Meals for College Students

Tuesday, September 25

It's late in the evening and the campus dining options have long since closed. The little bit of cash in your wallet says you need to choose between getting fast food or having enough gas to get there. First world problems, right?
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People on a bench on phones and laptops

How Does Social Media Alter Our Perception of Reality?

Monday, August 13

Do you know what situation is likely to cause a quarrel? Gather a representative from each generation and put them in a room together. Then ask them to converse about social media. The result would be interesting. And that may be putting it mildly. It is not hard to [...]
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Admissions counselors

The Highest Regard for Student’s Deepest Concern

Tuesday, July 31

The admissions team at Grace is its frontline. They carry, communicate and promote the value of a Grace education day in and day out. They talk to hundreds of prospective students and parents over the course of a semester and hear firsthand what their needs are. The first concern most [...]
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Madison Gipson

Preparing for Life vs Preparing for a Job

Friday, July 20

Change of mind. Change of heart. Course correction. No matter what you call it, there are moments in your life when a shift is needed. Most people are comfortable with this idea of change. At least when it comes to what you have for lunch. But mention a larger change [...]
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People working in Haiti

Hearing the Whisper, Following the Call

Monday, July 16

Who do you become when you can no longer be the person you've been? It's a question of identity and calling and passion. So what do you do if you're unsure about any of those? To watch Lindsay Anderson now, you might think she's always known what she was going [...]
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