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Grace College Digital Awards Chapel Spring 2020

Arts and Sciences: Dr. Mark Norris

Excellence in English Award: Katherine E. Yocum
Excellence in Creative Writing: Kyela E. Seals
Excellence in World Language Award: Blythe E. Foote
Excellence in World Language Education Award: Mara Beth Swankler
Visual Arts Chair Award for Excellence: Emma Hicks
Visual Arts Studio Excellence Award: Bethany Thompson and Alivia Lengacher
Excellence in Worship Arts Award: Ethan Nehls
Excellence in Drama Award: Liz Brown Cone

Outstanding Exercise Science Awards:
Pre-Physical Therapy Concentration: Elizabeth Gilbert
Health and Wellness Concentration: McKenna Cruz
Dr. Jesse Humberd Endowed Scholarship: Kaylee Moeschberger
Excellence in History Award: Kyle Kaufman
Excellence in Pre-Law Award: Brooke Trice
Excellence in Social Studies Education Award: Isaac Van Loh
Outstanding Environmental Science Award: Hayden McCloskey
Outstanding Biology Student Awards: Hannah Thompson and Bryce Niewoehner

Athletics: Chad Briscoe

Glenn C. Messner Award: Kyle Smith
Yvonne Messner Award: Alexa Hill
NAIA Champions of Character Award:
David Anderson-Baseball, Rachel Montgomery -Women’s Basketball, Charlie Warner-Men’s Basketball, Jacob Abrahamson-Men’s Golf, Olivia Shaw-Women’s Golf, Jayna Armstrong-Women’s Tennis, Pavle Popovic – Men’s Tennis, Tyler Brueckman – Men’s Soccer, Sacia Hanson-Women’s Soccer, Kaitlyn Heffner-Softball, Deborah Michalski-Volleyball, Jessica Zvers-Women’s Cross Country, Tommy Hickerson-Men’s Track and Field, Alexis Williams-Women’s Track and Field
Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society
First Year Certificate and Pin: Houston Haney-Baseball, Alexis Williams-Track, Rebekah Rexroth-Track, Melissa Goss-Basketball/Track, Drew Jones-Track, Abbott Joy-Track, Brady Willard-Track, Carter Meyer-Track, Walker Hobbs-Track, Kara Godsey-Women’s Golf, Kristen Holt-Women’s Golf, Micaela Box-Women’s Basketball, Kyannah Stull-Women’s Basketball, Haden Deaton-Men’s Basketball, Cody Holmes-Men’s Basketball, Matthew Jennings-Men’s Basketball, Shemar DeGannes-Men’s Soccer, Marcelo Talamas-Men’s Soccer, Omar Gonzalez-Men’s Soccer, Alexander Vandeyacht-Men’s Soccer, Riley Koch-Women’s Soccer, Elizabeth Aalbue-Women’s Soccer, Taylor Binkerd-Women’s Soccer, Madison Putman-Women’s Soccer, Alexis Larimore-Women’s Soccer, Gabriella Harrington-Volleyball, Makayla Bell-Volleyball, Gina Nvotny-Volleyball, Camden Gongwer-Golf, Tim Rata-Golf, Arturo Fonseca-Tennis, Pavle Popovic-Tennis.
Second Year Medallion: David Anderson-Baseball, David Holden-Men’s Basketball, Braxton Linville Men’s Basketball, Charles Warner-Men’s Basketball, Brooke Treadway-Women’s Basketball/Track, Alexandria Minis-Women’s Basketball, Rachel Montgomery-Women’s Basketball, Sydney Abbott-Women’s Golf, Anna Marshall-Women’s Golf, McKenna Cruz-Women’s Soccer, Elizabeth VanWormer-Women’s Soccer, Hannah Tkacz-Women’s Soccer, Cassidy Wasson-Women’s Soccer, Ulisses Miranda-Men’s Soccer, Henrique Cerruti-Men’s Soccer, Togo Narusawa-Men’s Soccer, Gabriel Osti-Men’s Soccer, Olivia Scarbrough-Softball, Hannah Harless-Softball, Morgan Tapscott-Softball, Deborah Michalski-Volleyball, Alexa Hill-Volleyball, Carolyn Copeland-Women’s Tennis, Emily Mast-Women’s Tennis, Jessica Zvers-Cross Country/Track, Thomas Hickerson-Track, John Marhefka-Track, William Shafer-Track
Female Athlete of the Year: JJ Aalbue
Male Athlete of the Year: Marcelo Talamas
Kessler Award: Anna Marshall & Charlie Warner

Student Affairs: Aaron Crabtree

Dean of Students Award: Emily Anderson, Carli Cahill, Jesse Harmeyer
Greatest Contribution to Campus Life: Martin Schiele, Jessica Vandenboom

Business: Dr. Jeff Fawcett

Outstanding Accounting Awards: Ashley Beer & Elisabeth Phillips
Outstanding Agribusiness Award: Hallie McGlaun
Outstanding Facility & Event Management Award: Jessica VandenBoom
Outstanding Finance Award: Alex Barrett
Outstanding Information Systems Awards: Kira Peter & Peter Dawes
Outstanding Management Award: Zacary Harley
Outstanding Marketing Award: Jocelyn Chupp
Outstanding Sport Management Awards: Olivia Scarbrough & Brady Willard
John A. Cahill Entrepreneurship Award: Lucas Fonseca & Arturo Fonseca
William P. Gordon Excellence in Business Award: Charles Warner

Behavioral Science: Dr. Kevin Roberts

E. Michael Grill Award: Camryn Kline, Anna Marshall, Johanna Van Arkell

Ministry Studies: Dr. Freddy Cardoza

Intercultural Studies Award: Cana Ryan
Biblical Studies Award: Lawrence La-Follette
Outstanding Youth Ministry Student Award: Noah Gibson
Educational Ministries Award: Jacob Abrahamson
Bible Translation Award: Lucas Cone

Education: Dr. Laurie Owen

Outstanding Prospective Teacher Awards
Elementary Teacher of the Year: Alexa Hill
Special Education Teacher of the Year: Karyssa Davis
Secondary Teacher of the Year: Rebekah Landfair
Micah 6:8 Scholarship: Hannah Rose

Faculty Awards: Dr. Laurie Owen

Ronald E. Manahan Award for Service: Dr. Cheryl Bremer
The Excellence in Part-Time Teaching Award: Professor Pat Park
Alva J. McClain Award for Excellence in Teaching: Dr. Kelly Arney

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