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Foreign Language Placement Exam

The Foreign Language Placement Exam (FLPE) is a non credit-bearing exam; its sole purpose is to determine placement. Students with prior language experience who plan to pursue language study (as a B.A. or language major/minor) should take the FLPE online before arriving on campus.

FLPE results are shared with the student, the Registrar’s Office, the student’s advisor, and the Modern Languages Program Director.

Students should know: The FLPE is free, fast and available online. It helps students enroll in the appropriate level to build on their existing knowledge. Students cannot earn credits or “test out of” the B.A. language requirement by taking this exam.

After you take the placement exam, the Languages, Literature, and Communication Department will determine the best plan moving forward for you to earn your language credits. It may involve taking a departmental language exam.

To complete the FLPE:

  • Go to Emmersion and create an account. You will then be allowed to complete the placement test for French or Spanish.
  • Each question is selected based on your previous response, and the placement exam is usually completed within 30 to 45 minutes. You will immediately receive your placement results upon completion of the online examination.