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Gordon Institute History

The History of the Gordon Institute

The institute functioned in the exploratory and planning phase under the direction of Professor Bill Gordon, who was the institute’s visionary from its onset. Grace College president, Dr. Ron Manahan, officially announced and named the Institute during Commencement ceremonies on May 9, 2009 as the William P. Gordon Institute for Enterprise Development. At that time, Tim Ziebarth was named the Institute’s director. Tim served as director until he was named director of Online Education in August 2011. Alan Grossnickle directed the Institute from 2011-2021 adding the Executive Forum, the Business Plan Competition, and Entrepreneurship training for the local community. Upon his retirement in 2021, Melissa Chappell became the Director until Rick Koontz assumed the directorship in the fall of 2023.

Strategic Goals:

  1. Student Engagement
  2. Community Engagement
  3. Alumni Engagement

Bill Gordan Gordon Institute Visionary

Bill Gordon

Gordon Institute Visionary

Tim Ziebarth Institute Director

Tim Ziebarth

Institute Director

Alan Grossnickle Institute Director

Al Grossnickle

Institute Director

Melissa Chappell Director of School of Business Partnership Programs

Melissa Chappell

Institute Director

Rick Koontz Professor of Information Systems

Rick Koontz

Institute Director


Email Dr. Richard Koontz or call (574) 372-5100, ext. 6311