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Strategic Priorities


Grace is an evangelical Christian community of higher education which applies biblical values in strengthening character, sharpening competence and preparing for service.


Grace will be an exemplary, Christ-centered educational community characterized by innovation, affordability and real-world preparation.

Core Values

  • A relationship with the God of Scripture is foundational to all of life.
  • Exceptional learning experiences drive all educational programs.
  • Nurturing the transformation of life is deeply integrated into all institutional life.
  • Appreciating and valuing others as God does, characterizes all relationships.

Educational Excellence


Elevate biblically-integrated learning to a level where it is deeply valued, freely explored and richly applied with an unwavering focus on a transformative student experience.

Grace College has a strong commitment to excellence biblically and educationally among our faculty & staff.

Culture of Innovation

Image of a light bulb representing a culture of innovation


Cultivate diverse perspectives and creative approaches to change in an environment of trust, transparency, and flexibility.

Providing a bachelor’s degree in 3 years and a bachelor’s plus a master’s in 4 years, locking tuition for each student, etc. all speak to Grace’s desire to listen to student needs and respond in creative and innovative ways.

Connected Community


Image of three people representing connected community


Develop and strengthen internal and external relationships by living out our mission and brand.

Grace develops connectedness on campus and within the greater community.



Sustainable Affordability

Image of a dollar sign representing sustainable affordability

Relentlessly pursue partnerships and rigorously practice stewardship in order to provide students an affordable education and ensure a lasting foundation for the college.

Through free undergraduate textbook rentals to accelerated 3 year degree options plus a master’s in four, to a locked tuition from the start of your freshman year, Grace College has a commitment to remaining affordable while not losing out on a quality educational experience