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Grace Silver Scholars

The Silver Scholars Program is an opportunity for adults 55 and older to audit on-campus classes at a very reduced rate.

Silver Scholar Opportunities

We are pleased to offer the Silver Scholars Program on our campus. This is an opportunity for adults 55 and older to audit on-campus classes at a very reduced rate.

These classes are offered to:

  • Enrich your lives: Growth and learning can occur at any age.
  • Enrich the lives of our current students: You can impact others.
  • Encourage your prayer: Your prayers for Grace will be experience-based.

Each semester challenging and interesting courses are offered for audit through the Silver Scholars Program. The classes will cover a broad range of topics, and we hope you will find a course (or two) that will expand your horizon. Please note: Grace College’s academic calendar includes two sub-terms, Session A and Session B, during the Fall and Spring semesters, with each course lasting 7.5 weeks.

The cost is $25 per person per class, which is much lower than the standard auditing fee. Course availability is determined after degree-seeking students have completed their registration.

As we disciple our students at Grace, we desire to apply biblical values in strengthening character, sharpening competence, and preparing for service. Your involvement in the Silver Scholars Program will help us advance this mission.

We want your experience to be enjoyable and enriching. If you have any questions, please email

Undergraduate class schedules may be explored here:

We request that Silver Scholars submit the application below annually, where you may list your preferred course titles and codes.