Our Story

A Rich History

Grace College & Grace Theological Seminary both have a rich history as partners in higher education. After its founding, Grace Theological Seminary quickly became one of the world’s premier seminaries for master’s through doctoral level study in evangelical ministry and theology. Likewise, Grace College, a Christian college of the liberal and applied arts and sciences has grown to its current position of academic prominence, offering more than 60 fields of study in the arts and sciences, behavioral sciences, business, education, and ministry studies.

Authors Terry White and Stephen Grill share the remarkable history and worldwide impact of smalltown Winona Lake, IN where Grace College & Seminary resides. See the interview which begins at 17:15.

Thousands Serving Throughout the World

Over the years, thousands of Grace Theological Seminary graduates have gone out to serve in various ministries in the United States and throughout the world. Concurrently, Grace College has been instrumental in helping thousands of undergraduates form a Christian worldview within a challenging and vibrant academic environment. The college encourages spiritual maturity and prepares students for successful careers, family life, and leadership in local churches.