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Grace Story Podcast – Ep. 84: Dr. Jared Bumpers

Dr. Jared Bumpers is the assistant professor of preaching and evangelism and For the Church Cohorts Faculty Coordinator at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, MO. Before joining the team at Midwestern in 2018, Jared served for over a decade as a student pastor, and then as an associate pastor of preaching, at a church in southwest Missouri, He has also served as an interim pastor and has spoken at numerous conferences throughout the United States. Jared is the cohost of Preaching and Preachers, a podcast for those in ministry to help sharpen their call to preach and teach. Aside from his role at Midwestern Seminary, Jared also serves as associate pastor of preaching at Fellowship Church in Kansas City.

Jared is passionate about preaching. More specifically, Jared is passionate about Christ-centered preaching—showing everyone how Jesus should be known and proclaimed from every page of our Bible. In fact, Jared is currently contracted to write a book on Christ-centered preaching, explaining that because Jesus is the culmination of God’s revelation, he should be the content of every sermon.

In this episode, Dr. Nathan Harris interviews his longtime friend Dr. Jared Bumpers. They talk about Christ-centered preaching and its impact on our culture. #GraceStoryPodcast

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