Chapel reflects the heart of God and the heart of campus—a community of faith, grace and worship. Here we examine our lives to see how God has wired us and to discover our passions, dreams and shortcomings. We frequently have authors, musicians and leading voices for global concerns like poverty, hunger, clean water, human trafficking, pornography and modern day slavery. Chapel gatherings are planned and led by Grace College students and directed by the Dean of the Chapel and Community Life.


When and where is chapel?

Chapel services are held every Tuesday,  Thursday and Friday mornings from 10:30 to 11:20 in the Manahan Orthopaedic Capital Center. There are no chapel services during the final week of each session.

Are the chapel services student-led?

Yes, the chapel services are student-led. We have a chapel committee made up of 12 to 15 students who use their gifts to serve in the areas of coordinators, media/tech, graphic design and worship leaders. The worship band is led by a student band director and is made up of Grace College students. The Dean of the Chapel and Community Life oversees the chapel committee.

Is chapel attendance required?

Yes, attendance at chapel is required. Each student is allotted three unexcused chapel absences per session. These absences are for personal reasons (car trouble, study time, minor illness, visits to a doctor’s office, funerals, trips home, job interviews, etc.).

Is it possible to receive exemption or partial exemption from chapel?

Since the chapel experience is an integral part of the Grace education, exemptions will be limited. Chapel exemption may be granted to the student for the following reasons: certain employment requests, off-campus students with no classes scheduled before or after the chapel hour, and/or unusual work or family situations. Students can apply online or by completing a form at the Student Affairs Office. Students seeking exemption must re-apply at the beginning of each session.


Email the Chapel Administrative Assistant.