Tuition & Costs

Grace College Direct Costs 2018-2019 (Main Campus): On Campus: Undergraduate Tuition $24,768, Room and Board $9,134, Total Direct Costs $33,902; Commuter: Undergraduate tuition $24,768, Room and Board $0, Total Direct Costs $24,768.

Undergraduate Tuition and Costs

Tuition Expenses For Academic Year 2018-2019 
1-11 hours (per credit hour)$882
12-18 hour block (2nd year @ Grace)$23,430
12-18 hour block (3rd year @ Grace)$22,120
12-18 hour block (4th+ year @ Grace)$20,950
12-18 hour block (Freshman, Transfer)$24,768
Audit (per credit hour)$215
Over 18 hours (per credit hour)$554

Note: Block pricing is based on consistent enrollment

Summer 2019 Expenses 
Tuition (per credit hour)$550
Online Course Fee$225

A student will receive three tuition-free credits (less Pell eligibility) for each full-time semester taken in the previous academic year, up to six credits. This does not include the online course fee.

Room Cost Per Academic Year 
Kent Hall and Lancer Lofts (plus utilities)$5,372
Boyer Apts, Encompass (plus utilities)$4,926
All other dormitories$4,758

Miscellaneous Fees 
Online Course Fee$225
Independent Study Fee (per credit hour)$150
Private Tutorial, Readings or Research Fee (per credit hour)$150

Online fee will not be refunded after add/drop date.


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