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Program Distinctives & Benefits

A Partnership with Your Local Church

We call this program "the future of seminary" because we believe the most distinguishing factor is the intimate partnership with the local church. While we utilize an online platform and on-site modules, much of Deploy's contextual training and practical mentoring happens where it will eventually take root and have impact - in your local church.

Accelerate in the Program at Any Time

Normally an on-site seminary degree could take 4-6 years, but with Deploy it can be accomplished much faster. Professional and ministry experience may allow some students to accelerate by demonstrating mastery in a particular competency. Deploy goes beyond even online programs because you don't have to wait for the rest of your cohort, you simply take an assessment and move on.

Ministry Mentor / Formation Mentor / Academic Mentor

Each student will have direct access to credentialed faculty members to dialogue regularly concerning the academic content and the progress on related competencies. Ministry and Formation Mentors will provide regular feedback related to the development of ministry skills, and the personal, spiritual development of each student.

Actual Ministry is the Most Practical Education

 All students will participate in active service opportunities within the local church where they will document, dialogue, and deconstruct their experiences with an insightful ministry mentor. Nothing could be more real or valuable. Students will sharpen discipleship and interpersonal skills leading others, teaching, speaking, and serving.

Did We Mention Your FREE Digital Library?

 Every student will receive a Logos digital library filled with a wealth of academic and pastoral resources. These e-resources will provide students with the tools necessary to complete their academic work, and they will be able to keep the Logos e-library once they graduate.


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