Degrees and Core Competencies

Choosing the Program that Fits my Ministry Future

Even if you aren’t sure exactly the direction God is leading, you can quickly orient yourself toward one of the two program options by asking yourself some questions. Am I looking to lead others better from an upfront teaching and preaching platform? Or is my preference to serve my church or ministry leaders organizationally?

Master of Arts in Local Church Ministry

Graphic: My ministry future includes: Organizational, Communication, Compassion, Discipleship: Pursue MALCMThis program is the equivalent of 42 credit hours.
(15 competencies total)


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Master of Divinity


Graphic: My ministry future includes: Discipleship, Preaching, Teaching, Languages: Pursue M.Div. This program is the equivalent of 90 credit hours. It includes basic competencies along with additional learning in biblical languages, theology and exegesis. (18 competencies total)


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