Charter Schools

In May 2001, Governor Frank O’Bannon signed a law that allowed educators, parents, and others across Indiana to create charter schools. Charter schools are tuition-free public schools open to any state resident. These schools are authorized by the Indiana Code, Article 24: Charter Schools. The charter schools control their own curriculum, staffing and budget. In exchange for this freedom, the charter schools must maximize student potential and meet or exceed Indiana’s new academic standards.

Grace College is committed to fulfilling its role as a high-quality charter school authorizer by holding its schools accountable across a variety of performance dimensions:

  • Students First
  • High Expectations
  • Excellence in Leadership
  • Commitment to Innovation
  • Rigorous and Transparent Accountability


The following schools are authorized by Grace College:

For more information

Contact Tim Ziebarth, Executive Dean of the School of Professional and Online Education, 574-372-5100, ext. 6190 or Lorraine Bingham, Academic Support Specialist,  574-372-5100, ext. 6196 or email

If you have a comment on what can be improved with our charter schools, please fill out our Complaint Policy Form.