Career Institute

Grace College Career Institute LogoThe Career Institute is designed to prepare students at Grace College for internship opportunities and their future careers. The program will take students through seasons of reflection, creation, preparation, and connection with the business community. Through the Career Institute, students are linked directly with the Center for Career Connections, which is located on Grace College’s campus.


The goal of the Reflection Component is to assist students in identifying possible career directions based on the gifts and abilities that God provided them. Each student performs a self-assessment based on the outputs of several different personality and skill measurement tools. These include personality type, personal strengths, career readiness and other job related self-assessments.


The goal of the Creation Component is to assist students in creating the documents they will need in order to be a viable contender in the job market. Each student will create a resume that highlights their relevant experience, knowledge, skills and abilities. Other projects will include cover letters, business cards, interviewing skills, Facebook, LinkedIn and email.


The goal of the Preparation Component of the Career Institute is to teach students the necessary elements for effectively engaging in the work world after college. Students will learn how their behaviors and choices impact their success on the job. Each student will undergo a career makeover and learn proper on-the-job attire. Students will also learn about job etiquette (dining, technology, phone and email), appropriate attire, and deportment (on the job behavior, company culture and appropriate interactions).


The goal of the Connection Component is to assist students in connecting with business professionals in the work environment. Students will learn and observe how professionals act, look and interact in their business setting. Students will integrate with a community business and provide ideas and thoughts from a college student perspective that will help the organization. This opportunity showcases our students to the employer and employees and allows the students to utilize all of the professional skills they have learned to this point.

Career Institute Goal Diagram: Reflection, Creation, Preparation, Connection