Center for Career Connections provides quality programs and services to help alumni prepare for and find job placement.

  • Find Jobs
    Post your resume for employers to review and search job boards.
  • Resume & Cover Letter Tips
    Learn how to format your resume and cover letter and how to submit it for personalized feedback.
  • Job Fairs
    See when and where we’re hosting job fairs and come meet future employers.
  • Placement Promise
    Find out how to qualify for free tuition.

Find Jobs

Gain access to our national online job board, Handshake, and check out the jobs that have come to our attention in the Center for Career Connections office. Register as a Student/Alumni using an alternate email address (not

Email questions to Jaci Forshtay.

Resume and Cover Letters

Alumni of Grace College & Theological Seminary can email their resume and/or cover letter drafts to Jaci Forshtay for review. She’ll critique it and respond with suggestions for improvement.

Job Fairs

Watch for a list of 2018 job fairs coming soon.

Placement Promise

The Placement Promise is a true distinctive of Grace College. We recognize that the cost of college is a significant investment, and we are standing behind the quality of our academic process and the resulting product. Students who meet certain criteria and who do not find employment or gain acceptance to graduate school within six months of graduation may be eligible to earn an additional year of undergraduate education tuition-free.

To be eligible for the Placement Promise, alumni:

  • Must be eligible to work in the U.S. on a full-time, permanent basis.
  • Must have record of success in the classroom, having achieved at least a 2.75 GPA while at Grace College.
  • Must have been successfully employed in at least one quality work experience related to their field of study while at Grace College.

Qualifying Examples:

  • Successful on-campus employment experience related to field of study
  • Summer experience related to field of study
  • Internships, practicum, student teaching
  • On-going, part-time experience related to field of study

Non-qualifying Examples:

  • Job shadowing
  • Part-time or summer work with no evidence of transferable skills
  • Must have evidence of participation in and application of the knowledge gained from professional development programs and services offered by the Center for Career Connections Office or through workshops and seminars of OSI.
  • Must have a letter of recommendation their your academic advisor addressing the student’s scholastic effort while enrolled, and addressing the area of focus that may enhance marketability for the future.

To apply for the Placement Promise, follow these steps:

  • Wait until you are six to nine months removed from graduation. No applications will be considered prior to this timeframe.
  • Request a letter of recommendation from your previous academic advisor to be sent to the Center for Career Connections Office. The letter should address your scholastic effort while enrolled and the area of focus which may enhance your marketability for the future.
  • Email the Center for Career Connections Office to request a meeting or phone conversation to discuss the outlined criteria of the Placement Promise. This meeting will occur after the letter of recommendation from your academic advisor has been received.


Email Jaci Forshtay or call 574-372-5100, ext. 6105.