Applied Experiential Learning

At Grace College we know that learning doesn’t happen solely in the classroom. We have found that a student graduating with both knowledge and experience produces competent employees and happy employers.

Randy Polston, Director of Applied Learning, explained, “The best compliment I’ve received from participating [career fair] businesses is that after hiring Grace students, they now look for Grace grads to hire. When you hear a business owner say that, it’s a win,” said Polston.

We encourage this type of experience through many different ways!

Applied Learning
We have about 245 partnerships with area businesses available to provide the hands-on work in your career field.

Center for Career Connections
Our CCC office exists to guide you through your college journey and help you find and reach the career of your dreams.

Study Abroad
We offer study abroad programs required for some majors and optional for others. This immersive learning of culture and language is priceless.