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Interdisciplinary Studies

Do you want to create your own major? If you are a student with a variety of passions, or if you feel like a single major just doesn’t encompass all your interests, the Interdisciplinary Studies major will allow you to integrate a variety of disciplines as part of your work at Grace College. You will graduate with knowledge that spans the curriculum, yet is sharpened to fit your interests and passions. Designed to promote creativity, original problem solving and greater curriculum flexibility, this unique major requires you to complete 15 credits in each of three departments with an eye to weaving the areas together around your interests. The integration that results will eventually be demonstrated in a senior project. Students must have a 3.0 GPA to enter the major, and entrance requires the completion of an interview process where the student explains their curricular intentions. Students who are in good academic standing following their first year of study at Grace may submit a proposal and apply for acceptance into this major.