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Reasons You Should Consider Grace College

Thursday, January 17

We understand that college might not be for everyone. There might be a reason why you consider not pursuing higher education. Maybe you believe college is too expensive. You might have a good job already. Or perhaps you lack a plan for the future. You may have [...]
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Internships: the Bridge from College Classroom to Workplace Success

Friday, May 4

Have you been told internships are merely an opportunity to work really hard for little or no pay? Don't believe it. Would you enjoy an experience of learning new and always changing responsibilities? We believe an internship will offer all this and so much more. There are transitions in life [...]
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Why a Three-Year Degree is the Fit for Me

Friday, May 12

I am pursuing a three-year bachelor of the arts degree in journalism, and even after only a session and a half, I cannot imagine switching to another degree track. God has shown me, in ways both subtle and obvious, that this track is part of his plan for [...]
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