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Claire Mumaw

Claire Mumaw for her Senior Art Design recollects the moments where her artistic drive started, from doodling to becoming an artist

My artistic drive never seemed to have a start, and will never have an end. From the beginning, I’ve doodled with crayons and markers to display my observation of what was around me; From the sky above to the earth below. I never stopped, declaring “I’ll be an artist one day!” from the inside of my elementary art classes. Today, my inspiration continues to come from what I examine, experience, and feel from my surroundings, as my art is a reflection of myself. 

As a multimedia artist, my interests lay in many aesthetic and artistic areas. For one, I began my photography journey as early as 2012. My professional career surrounding this love came to reality in 2019. I became more influenced by the beautiful deep colors and textures of the earth: burnt sienna, sage, or rust hues. I loved the interaction of meeting new people within a freelance photography setting, and the editing to create grainy, caught-in-motion pieces of art only grew from there. Not only has the act of photography flamed my artistic, adventurous side, but it has also fueled my professionalism in business and in working with others. My life transformed from a hobby into a blossoming career that I could have never imagined. From capturing high school senior graduates, traveling to surrounding states to capture weddings, roaming around beaches with the most in-love couples, and hiding behind bushes to capture secret proposals. I am honored that this one side of my love of art has become such a big desire and even a service to others.

Melding with photography, the graphic design side of my art relates to the earth as well, plus other areas such as my synergistic love + belief in healing behind food, freeform organic shapes, simplicity, and multimedia pieces. Graphic design allows me to express these desires in a different form than photography and gives me a chance to display art differently. In the past, I’ve created multimedia motion animations of wind-blown growing plants, vintage posters for the local Farmer’s Market, step-by-step graphics of “How to Love the Earth,” and disproportionate coffee-drinking figures. I also tend to integrate photography with graphic design to create an even more eye-catching look. My graphic design attempts to be a simplified display of my search to capture and create more beautiful earth. 

This freelance and creative side of photography and graphic design have also transposed itself into leadership skills in working as the lead creative of teams of graphic designers, photographers, and marketers. This includes creating brand identities and providing detailed critiques, teaching high school workshops of different subjects, mentoring high school photography interns to see the world through the camera’s lens, and the list goes on. 

My desire to learn is deep and unending! As this devotion continues, I am determined and excited to venture into the depths of the large, ever-changing industry of art and design!