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Bianca Jimenez

Bianca Jimenez artwork focuses on human expression whether it be in a more realistic style or in a cartoon-like style,

My creative artwork focuses the most on human expression, whether it be in a more realistic style or in a cartoon-like style, I enjoy bringing countenance to the table. As you can see in this installation, I have a wide range of mediums that I am capable of creating artwork with. While I do have this ability, I have always favored regular pencil and paper when it comes to creating work. This simple medium is where I started as an artist. 

As an elementary schooler, I began drawing faces. I remember trying to copy and capture the faces of Disney characters on DVD cases I had in my room. The blank page was my oyster and I had full control over what I could create. The copying of DVD cases quickly moved to original work, storytelling through images, my own little comics which I still create to this day. It is what I find myself falling back on most often. A small sketchbook and a pencil are things that can be easily transported and having these mundane items stashed away in your pocket can change the world. “The pen is mightier than the sword,” as Edward Bulwer-Lytton once said. 

So, as you are able to get this peak into my portfolio, I want you to know that this is also my testament to the artist I have grown into and a love letter to the 7-year-old girl drawing Disney characters in her bedroom.