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Sarah Patalinghug

Sarah Patalinghug on her Senior Art Design Portfolio Exhibition likes to draw inspiration from the places I’ve been, the cultures...

One of my greatest beliefs is that our personalities are like a collection that is developed and inspired by the people and environments that we are surrounded by. I like to think that my own artistic process is similar: to develop my own style, I draw inspiration from the places I’ve been, the cultures I have experienced, and the art of those that I look up to.

As someone who has traveled to 6 other countries and has lived in 3 different states across the US, I find much of my inspiration through the places I have been to and the people I have encountered. The color palettes and backgrounds of my works are often inspired by photos I have taken on travels with my friends and family. The use of color in my work is very important because as reminders, they allow me to revisit certain memories from my travels.

While I have been to many places around the world, I like to imagine what it would be like to see things that I haven’t seen yet or visualize places that maybe don’t even exist. Taking inspiration from real places and applying them to fictional and imaginative worlds is one of my favorite things to do in my creative process. 

In my art, I like to explore. Drawing characters in a scene may allow for storytelling and different interpretations of the story. Overall, my hope is that my art can provide viewers a new experience that inspires them to create their own unique interpretations.