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Sophia Weiss

Sophia Weiss Senior Art Portfolio Exhibition her aim to create art is is always representational, yet that is never entirely how it turns out

Why do I feel everything so deeply?  This is one question that I have begged to be answered over and over throughout my life.  The beautiful, the desperate, the nostalgic, the bittersweet; they all churn endlessly behind my eyes.  What would it take to have a moment of quiet?  But I am also convinced that I would miss the constant hum if it were to go.  There is wonder in the overwhelming and peace in the chaos.  These tones alter the way that I see the world and the way that I represent it through my work.

My aim in creating art is always representational, yet that is never entirely how it turns out.  Every piece that I intend for realism turns out with an undertone of expressionism or emotionalism.  My emotional lenses refuse to leave the works unmarked by their resonant cast.  Even in the more formal designs, the overall feel and energy of a piece sometimes directs my design decisions more than the details of the brief.  Every form of my art seeks to incorporate the superfluous aspects of life into the everyday and render sound, smell, taste, texture, and mood in a way with which you can identify using only sight.  

When viewing my works, I hope that you can empathize with the depth that I have come to appreciate in myself and find yourself in its midst as well.  I also hope to inspire you to notice the details of life that had passed you by and to never lose the wonder that we get to live everyday.