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Rebekah Priskorn

Rebekah Priskorn

Rebekah Priskorn

Artist Statement


There is nothing more satisfying than one’s driven purpose to create. The inspiration of illustration and art began early on as my father called me a trailblazer – an avid persona for such a young creator – and I lived through that statement every day in my work. I’m driven by that need to create and the absolute joy it brings to both the viewer and me.

This enthusiasm is drawn from the relationship between viewer and artist. Many argue the idea of having one raw talent in a certain medium. This idea is a great one, but I have always had a struggle to conform to this. To teach viewers that when you desire to learn more than one form of art and excel, that is where my strength lies. 

This desire for creating is a drive for the multi-media artwork I have made. My work explores different forms of mediums – which has in turn – strengthened my own style. My style has grown overtime, and I have developed a stylized version of character design, studio art, digital illustrations, and even photography. A key focus within my style is storytelling and creating for the viewers a unique experience within a few sheets of paper. I have found that illustrating short stories and children’s books allow my unique abilities of studio and digital to collide. With also having a key eye for perfectionism, many of my photorealistic drawings and paintings allow another part of my process to show. This process as an Illustrator is rather different, but I enjoy the change of pace between both my studio art and digital works. 

The creative process varies depending on the client or work. It’s a tedious job, but I focus heavily on the process of asking questions. What is the theme? Is there a purpose? Who is this designed for? Questioning allows my process to begin numerous amounts of sketching. My sketchbook is full of a plethora of drawings, but with an equal number of questioning thoughts. These sketches and thoughts can happen anywhere, but I thoroughly enjoy being in the comfort of either a studio or somewhere with great coffee and quality lighting. 

To be an Illustrator and Multimedia artist is my greatest joy. I have the unique gift of gaining many skills as I continue on my own style. This in turn has allowed me to be an artist with a multitude of creative skills. My hope is to bring to the table a knowledge of well-rounded understanding in order to teach and encourage other trailblazers with dreams of their own.