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Mitchell Bowen

Mitchell Bowen

Artist Statement


As a Travel Poster Designer and Illustrator. I have been inspired by travel posters designed throughout history and seek to understand the visual power that they hold. To loosely define travel posters, they are simplified illustrations of locations that highlight a specific area of interest. Travel posters have had many forms throughout history, but some have stood the test of time and still remain relevant pieces of art today. The most iconic of these is the 1930s national parks posters of the WPA. These posters were screen printed with minimal colors and uniquely beautiful and informative typography. Inspiration is pulled from these works as well as many other historical references as I establish my own personal craft. 

My illustrations focus on colors and simplified shapes that represent the area and experience in a pure form. For my work, I use photography I have taken at the location, it is extremely necessary for me to experience the location and surrounding atmosphere for my designs. Without this in person experience, much of the innate soul and character of the area would be lost. From these photos, I create illustrations that beautiful represent the area. These illustrations are created by hand through sketching, digital illustration, and intentional typographical layout. The strengths of these poster designs include minimal illustration, intelligent color palettes, cohesiveness, and a balance in each piece that leaves nothing unfinished. I focus on creating powerful compositions that leave impactful impressions on the individuals that view the work. My sets work together as a cohesive whole and create a powerful sense of completeness.

I create travel posters for natural areas and small towns that relate personally to individuals that have visited or reside there. My work represents locations and experiences that live in one’s memory and evoke nostalgic and personal connection. A former peer, Matthew Bliss poetically stated that my “work is a distinct combination of minimalist crispness and a printmaker’s sense of concrete abstraction. It is light on the mind, but reminds us that the little moments – where we find ourselves suddenly seeing clearly as we never have before – are the ones we remember and cherish.” The goal of my work is to bring the unique impact of areas around the country directly into the lives of individuals. Each location evokes a strong connection to a specific group of people, these locations connect the individuals and give them a sense of belonging. My travel posters bring that nostalgic connection of the area further into the lives of each individual. These posters document the current state of the ever changing locations and preserve memories that may otherwise be lost.

Mitchell Bowen

Bowen Travel Poster Designs Ltd.

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