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Jalen Williams

Jalen Williams

Artist Statement


Art is a supplement to our passions, and for me, that passion is music.

It was not until recently that I realized how I could use art to express that passion. Striving to visually replicate the sensation of working in audio through an atmospheric approach, my work bridges the gap between the audio and visual realms.

While some of my pieces of art may be more of an expression of what I do, others serve to be more enlightening as to what it is that I do with sound. There are a lot of aspects that make up AV tech that are unspoken of.

From the layout of the mixer to the placement and range of the speakers, my goal is to share the entire experience of working with sound. I hope that those who will take the time to step into this area of expression with me are able to learn more about what it is that I’m passionate about.

Welcome to the Boogie Show…