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Doctor of Intercultural Studies


The Doctor of Intercultural Studies Degree is intended to prepare individuals for positive and influential leadership, relationships of trust, and biblical ministry in intercultural contexts either in denominational or interdenominational structures through study and applied learning in the socio-cultural and theological disciplines of missiology. It provides students with expertise in intercultural issues and missiological strategies and paradigms for effective biblical ministry and for developing cultural intelligence for relevant problem solving in receptor cultures.

The D.Ics. program requires 10 courses and the Professional Research Project (48 hours) to complete the program. The six required courses are Intercultural Communication, Contextualization, Cultural Anthropology, Biblical Theology of Mission, Methods of Social Research and Intentional Multicultural Ministry.

Students may transfer in 50 percent of the course work from other D.Min., D.Miss. or D.Ics. programs. Students may select D.Min. courses as electives. D.Min. students may take D.Ics. required courses as electives as well.

Three years is the normal time to finish the program. However, after six years, we will require students to get an extension through a written request to the Program Director. This happens most often with students overseas who cannot get to campus for the modules as they would like. This is always an acceptable reason for us to grant the request. A request for an additional year for the Professional Research Project is also acceptable.

If you take a semester off, you can stay in the program, but you will need to file a continuing registration form to remain a current student.

Rotation of Required Courses

Even Numbered Years

  • Fall: Intercultural Communication
  • Spring: Intentional Multicultural Ministry
  • Summer: Elective

Odd Numbered Years

  • Fall: Cultural Anthropology for Ministry
  • Spring: Methods of Social Research
  • Summer: Biblical Theology of Mission and Contextualization for Ministry

Recommended Electives

  • Understanding World Religions
  • Encountering Islam
  • Discerning God’s Will
  • Current Theological Issues
  • Biblical Teamwork in Missions
  • Practice of Ministry Leadership
  • Independent Research Elective

Professional Research Project: Eight hours