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Numbers Do Lead to People

Make an impact with Grace College

What were you dreaming about becoming when you were a child? Did it include combing through files to ensure your client was protected against a tax audit? Or were you dreaming of something that sounded a bit more heroic? It could be you never considered the difference you could make in an individual life. Tammara Jongkind understands the struggle and has taken the time and energy to explore how to make an impact, even in the world of accounting and finance.

It Takes a Team

Make an impact with Grace CollegeTammara works for CapinCrouse, a company providing assurance, tax, and consulting services to Christian nonprofit organizations. It sounds like a lot of numbers and data, but don’t let their area of expertise fool you. Their clients include churches, colleges, seminaries, foundations, and other outreach organizations. According to their mission statement, they serve “organizations whose outcomes are measured in lives changed.”

The work of accounting might not be the first area one might consider when attempting to make an impact on the world. But the work of God requires people with all types of skills and gifts. Tammara admits there are times when clients can be demanding, and the days are long. Is there even such a thing as enough coffee?

People begin to see their impact when they understand the difference they make in daily details.  It is the day-to-day roles and responsibilities in which we influence others. A brief glance at the partner organizations with CapinCrouse will reveal their values. They partner with nonprofit companies, higher education institutions, and churches. These groups are all in the business of equipping people.

Promotions Tomorrow Begin with Hard Work Today

Tammara graduated in 2010 with a degree in accounting, finance, and business administration. She was employed by CapinCrouse a few months later and that is when she began several daily habits. Her job involved the requisite hard work and dedication, but she didn’t stop there. She focused on showing teamwork, loyalty, and genuine kindness to those around her. This included both clients and coworkers.

Because she had a grander vision of how to impact the world, her daily habits set her up for success. So much so that she was recently promoted to partner. The hard work is worth it, though her new title is not an end goal. She is constantly setting her sights on helping those who come next. She finds the growth of her team and those she works for as the most gratifying.

Our ability to stand tall is directly connected to those who came before us. This is why Tammara tells us the most rewarding aspect of her job is training staff and clients. Knowing others laid a foundation for her as she was coming up makes a difference. Keeping her history in mind, the role of coaching she provides others is not something she takes lightly. She says, “It’s both an honor and a responsibility.”

Investing in the Next Generation

Her main obligations have to do with providing assurance, but she doesn’t stop there. She also participates in the quality control team and the national employee benefits team. Another aspect of her job involves providing leadership in technical and soft-skills training. She values these aspects of her job because of the wider view of the community. These are all qualities Grace College training helped her develop.

Tammara admits that accounting might not sound glamorous. However, she judges the Grace accounting program to be second-to-none. Consistently producing high performing individuals, she knows Dr. Roger Stichter has a lot to do with the student’s success. Besides training students in technical proficiency, Dr. Stichter provides practical, real-world experience for students. He ensures they find success in opportunities, including internships at local orthopaedic companies.

Long Term Influence 

Where did Tammara grow a love for people beyond numbers? At Grace College, plenty of fellow classmates and professors modeled this lifestyle. Dr. Stichter was not a professor who was only seen in the classroom. He often made himself available to listen to questions and offer advice. Keeping God in the center of student’s perspectives was a high priority for him. He’s even recently published a book containing all the devotionals he shares to begin his accounting classes.

As Tammara notes, “Everything Grace does points to God, and I could not have gotten that type of education elsewhere.” Are you interested in an education that combines your career passions with your Christian faith? Contact us and let us show you how we can make that happen.

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