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SVO Competition at Purdue University

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Coming up on the 14th of April, the leadership of the Grace College Student Veteran’s Organization will be heading down to Purdue University in West Lafayette Indiana.  There, we will take part in the Operation Diploma grant competition , an initiative of the Military Family Research Institute at Purdue University.  We will be competing alongside other regional student veteran groups for a grant of up to $2000.  The past two years in a row our SVO has done very well in the competition, and we are hoping to continue our success in 2012.

A few examples of projects funded at least in part by MFRI grant money are Organization gatherings, new student welcome-packets, and the John Schumacher chapel event.  These projects have helped shape success in our organization as we reach out to our members, the campus and the community as a whole.  John Schumacher was fantastic for raising campus-wide awareness, and the welcome packets helped our students adjust to a new area.  Over the past several weeks we have been busy composing and refining our group’s presentation.  In it, we have covered the background and history of our Organization, in addition to our current administrative practices, our yearly budget, and our long-term goals for member recruitment and sustainment.  As we have composed outlines and prepared slideshows, we have closely examined our operational records from our past two years of existence.  This has helped our leadership develop a plan based off of the group’s current and past challenges and successes.

As we anticipate a potential boost in this year’s funds, I would like to take this opportunity to ask for feedback.  The leadership of the SVO here at Grace College and Seminary has a tentative budget prepared to present to the Military Family Research Institute on April 14th.  However, I would like to hear what our members think.  How would you like to see a grant used to benefit our organization?    Feedback is important.  The more we hear from you the members, the more the leadership can tailor the organization to be one that reflects the unique personalities and strengths of Grace College’s military students!


-Marshall Vondy

Veteran’s Affairs Student Worker


College Classes & Monthly Training

Monday, February 20th, 2012

This past week was a busy one for me, and in addition to securing a nice paycheck, it reminded me of another reason why I am happy to be at Grace College and Theological Seminary.

From Friday to Tuesday I was at my monthly drill at Grissom Joint Air Reserve Base in Peru, Indiana.  Now, my unit’s drill weekends are normally just two day ordeals, but due to upcoming dual Annual Tours coming up in May and October, my commander saw fit to extend our training through Monday and Tuesday so that everyone could be current with things like medical, career-specific Computer Based Training courses, and , as well as heavy equipment refresher courses.  In addition, much time was delegated to the building up and loading of pallets for air shipment via KC-135.  While I was excited by the prospect of getting a larger paycheck than normal, I was initially concerned by the extension of the training weekend.  I had classes and due dates on Monday and Tuesday which I would have to skip, and I knew that I would have very little time to work on class projects in the evenings after I got off duty.

When I addressed my concerns with my professors, they told me that they made personal habits of working with military students and their often-abnormal schedules.  They summarily extended several deadlines for me.  Additionally, when informed that my first annual tour would overlap with the last week of classes in May, they were very eager to work out modified assignment schedules with me.  I was encouraged by their willingness to help and the appreciation which they showed for Grace’s military students, and I am continually happy to recommend Grace as a truly “military-friendly” college.


-Marshall Vondy

Veteran’s Affairs Student Worker

(And USAF Air Transportation troop)   (;