Associate Pastor of Outreach & Worship – Delaware, OH

The Delaware Bible Church – Ohio has begun their search for an Associate Pastor of Outreach & Worship.  Below are a few criteria for the position.

Duties and Responsibilities
As a general summary, the Associate Pastor will oversee all of the ‘front end’ ministries of the church. Generally, these will include outreach and worship. The Associate Pastor will concern himself with how our church reaches out into the community and world, how the church presents itself in printed literature, the website, in the sanctuary, etc.

Outreach: Working with the Senior Pastor and Elder Counsel, create, plan, and oversee efforts to reach out into our community, the surrounding region, and the world. Besides coordinating local efforts to reach out with the Gospel, the Associate Pastor will work with the Missions Committee to coordinate DBC’s global outreach efforts.

Worship: While it is not necessary for the Associate Pastor to be able to sing or play an instrument, he will be responsible to oversee all aspects of the Worship Service except the preaching of God’s Word. He will work with the accompanists, song leaders, choir director, Technology Committee, Worship Committee, Welcome Committee, and the church Office Administrator to ensure that all aspects of the Sunday Worship service are done with excellence and for God’s glory.

Teaching: The Associate Pastor will be called upon to preach and teach on a regular basis. He will teach a Sunday School class, preach on Sunday mornings when the Senior Pastor is away (and possibly more), and preach one or more evening services per month.

Counseling: Training in the Nouthetic approach to counseling shall be required. Counseling (discipleship) shall be offered with priority given to those of the church and as a means of witness and help to the community.

Pastoring: Staying informed of the circumstances and needs of the church family shall be accomplished through regular interaction with the congregation. Priority shall be given during time of illness, death, crisis situations, or times of celebration. As and elder, the Associate Pastor would be expected to lead a small group (called a ‘Shepherding Group’).

Oversight: The Associate Pastor will work closely with Outreach and Worship type committees such as the Welcome Committee, Worship Committee, Missions Committee, Technology Committee, Accompanist, and Choir Director. He will also work with members of the Elder board such as; Elder of Membership and the Elder of Communications and Technology.

For the complete job description please download: Job Description – Asst Pastor of Outreach and Worship Approved- 4-08-13

Please submit resumes as soon as possible (deadline is end of June 2013).

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