Grace College Online Course Receives 100 Percent Quality Rating

Tim Ziebarth: Director of Department of Online Education; Part-time Instructor, GOAL and Business

The Department of Online Education at Grace College is blazing new paths in the realm of online education this year. This March, Director of Online Education Tim Ziebarth and his team of collaborators achieved an astounding 100 percent on an online quality review of Grace’s Principles of Management class. This occurred only two months after receiving a top-quality “5” rating (scoring 90 percent or more) on a quality review hosted through Learning House, Grace’s online education solutions partner.

To determine the quality of course design, The Learning House uses a five-level scale with intricate standards of quality that each online class must meet in more than 40 distinct areas. This is the first time a school has ever achieved a 100 percent rating, making Grace College an unmistakable leader in offering quality online education.

“We’ve put a lot of time and effort to get to this point, but having a course that meets all of the quality standards is wonderful for Grace College,” explained Tim Ziebarth. “We want to keep improving in every single one of our online classes, one class at a time.”

“It is clear that Professor Ziebarth believes strongly in using identified best practices in online education to provide for a better student experience,” said Josh Smith, Director of Partner Curriculum at Learning House. “He collaborates weekly (if not daily) with our Course Designers to continuously improve his online courses in order to increase student learning. It is this dedication and passion for excellence that enabled him to achieve the first 100% on our course Quality Review Form.”

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