Opening for Jail Chaplain – Elkhart, IN

Due to Chaplain Mike Kupke recently retiring from the Elkhart County Jail, the Elkhart County Jail Chaplaincy Board is announcing an opening for a full-time Chaplain at the jail.

All interested persons are asked to email OR mail their resume to:

Elkhart County Jail Chaplaincy Board
26861 C. R. 26 Elkhart, IN 46517

Questions or Concerns?  Please contact Rick Lambright   260-336-4077

More Info…

The Jail Chaplain shall be appointed by The Advisory Board on Religious Activities. The Jail Chaplain must meet minimum standards as established by the Elkhart County Sheriff. The Chaplain shall be supervised by the Jail Commander. The Jail Chaplain must pass a polygraph examination, background investigation, and medical examination if required by the Sheriff.


  1. The basic workweek will be 40 hrs/week.
  2. Counsel and assist inmates on request of inmates or Security Division personnel.
  3. Schedule religious services.
  4. Maintain and circulate religious materials to inmates.
  5. Expand inmates’ awareness of program availability.
  6. Assist ministerial visitations
  7. Serve as resource and liaison person to the religious community. Be available for speaking at church and community groups.
  8. Attend Advisory Committee meetings.
  9. Develop, implement and supervise religious education programs including fellowship, worship and Bible study programs.
  10. Supervise, provide oversight, and delegate duties to Volunteer Assistant Chaplains.  Also, hold quarterly meetings with Volunteer Assistant Chaplains.
  11. Be “on call” for emergencies.
  12. Perform other duties as assigned by the Advisory Committee or the sheriff.
Minimum Qualifications
The Jail Chaplain must be a male, licensed, commissioned or ordained by a recognized sanctioning body. The Jail Chaplain must respond well to a variety of situations common to a correctional institution.  The position requires the ability to work well with a variety of people under stressful situations. The Jail Chaplain must be able to observe needs and design and implement programs to meet those needs. The position requires a close working relationship with all sectors of the religious community. The Jail Chaplain must have patience and possess great diplomacy.

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