Warsaw Faith Bible Church – Pastor Needed

Warsaw Faith Bible Church…
We are a small group of 5 families and may not be able to financially support a full time Pastor.  The following are some of the distinctive that have brought us as a group of believers to follow God’s leading and take a step of faith through the church-planting endeavor of Faith Bible Church.

What we believe…
We believe ourselves to be a group of fundamental Christians who are doctrinally sound, and by today’s standards, would be considered to be fairly conservative.  We believe that there are only a few trusted English translations available …including the KJV, NKJV, NASB, and the ESV versions.

Each of us has come together to worship God and to corporately serve Christ in ways that we cannot seem to find in surrounding churches today. We believe that true teaching from the Word of God and not programs, is all that is needed to encourage fellow believers and reach the lost, whether those be young people or maturing adults.

We believe all of our music should be Christ- honoring. We like to sing Hymns from songbooks rather than choruses off of a big screen (not that a screen is wrong; so long as the music is displayed as well as the lyrics). We do not desire the use of “praise & worship” bands.

Our desire is to serve Christ by learning about Him, teaching about Him, praising Him, glorifying Him, and truly sharing His love in our community to point the lost to Him.

Contact Info…
Dennis Pletcher, Pulpit Committee Member of Faith Bible Church
Email: warsawfaithbiblechurch@gmail.com
Phone: 574-607-7291

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